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HTI is a Western Canadian Microsoft Partner that provides Information Technology Project Management, Software Implementation, Sustainment and Development services. We have also worked with many of the ERP solutions available in the marketplace today.

Whether we are working on a project in North America or in another international location,  we help our clients 'realize' the benefits of 'Best Practice' Information Technology implementations.

Our 'experience' makes the difference! For example, we have worked for ERP vendors and other implementation partners so we know the ERP / package software landscape very well.  Many changes have taken place in the application sofware space and more Cloud offerings seem to crop up on a daily basis. You need experienced, qualified, un-biased technology consultants to help you make timely decisions as you consider your Information Technology project options. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all of your IT needs. ... coming soon to this site!

Fixing 'symtoms' instead of 'root' problems will never resolve your issues! If you answer 'yes' to a lot of the questions below it's time for a change!

Are you disappointed with your help / ticketing system's ability to control the quality of problem submissions?
Are your requestor's not providing sufficient detail in the problem / issue definition details?
Is the help desk having difficulties determining who the issue should be assigned to?
Has status tracking been a nightmare?
Is there an automated routing and approval process in place that can be assigned at the individual requestor level?
Have you been forced to use end-user permission restrictions to maintain data integrity and reduce errors?
Have you experienced DAK (deny all knowledge) syndrome?
Does the request/ticket sit awaiting 'human' intervention at your help desk?
Is the same issue continually being submitted even after a resolution was provided?
Is there a clear understanding of the differences between daily problem/issue requests and system change requests?

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These are just of a few of the questions that will be answered via our AI cloud based ServiceStar service request system!

HTI Cloud Services - Let us help you transition to the 'Cloud'.
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Dynamics 365
Office 365
Welcome to the Cloud! Click here to see our Azure and Cloud overview page!  

There are many questions a company or individual must answer before initiating a cloud implementation project These include:

Which cloud deployment model is right for you?

There are three deployment models for cloud computing: public cloud
private cloud, and hybrid cloud. Each deployment model has different aspects that you should consider as you plan your migration to the cloud.

Which cloud sevice model do you need?

PaaSIaaS, and SaaS acronyms for the different cloud service models. These models define the different levels of shared responsibility that a cloud provider and cloud tenant are responsible for.

The following illustration demonstrates the services that might run in each of the cloud service models.


For more information on Azure, cloud fundamentals, cloud service models and how moving to the cloud might benefit your organization please see our Azure and cloud fundamentals web page.

Power BI

power BI

Have you looked into  Power BI Reporting on your desktop or in the cloud. If you decide to use Power BI for the Desktop, it is good to know that there are features  you will not be able to use in this version of Power BI.

Using Power BI in the Cloud provides you with many additional and useful features so you may decide to use both versions depending on your business requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Services
Maximize the ROI on your ERP project.

These projects can be very complex and will affect just about everyone in your organization. A comprehensive communication strategy should be in place prior to the 'kick-off' of any ERP implementation project.

Make an informed decision. 'Knowledge transfer' is at the top of our list when providing our consulting services and remains one of our core values.

We have more than 30 years of ERP and packaged software implementation experience so please drop us a line if your are considering an ERP solution.
AX 2012 R3

Remote Support Services

PM services  

Save your money!

If you need support services and an intuitive help / ticketing system at a reasonable price then you should consider our 'no contract' services before you sign on the dotted line with another organization.

We have a proven track record of providing 'remote' support services to companies around the globe.
Get timely answers to your technical and functional questions  regardless of your location! Logging support requests and getting immediate direction will be made a lot easier via our AI based help system. Coming soon!

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